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Clark’s, LLC in Newport, ME
Dependable Repair for Trucks, Cars, & More

Family Owned, Second Generation Repair Shop for Your Vehicles

Clark’s, LLC is proud to be a second-generation family owned business. For the past three decades, our employees have worked hard to gain a solid reputation in the region for all types of quality vehicle repairs, and our garage is so much more! In addition to working on standard cars and trucks, we also tackle the heavy-duty, heavy equipment vehicles, and trailers out there. This includes regular and diesel engines, hydraulics, welding, and more—anything important your vehicle needs, along with state inspection! Call Clark’s, LLC today at (207) 368-4766, or contact us with any questions about our services.

It Takes a Whole Family—Past, Present, & Future—To Offer Great Service


Quality Services from Clark's, LLC Include:

Metalwork and Custom Welding Services in Newport, ME

Our experienced welders can customize and assemble a wide variety of metalwork, from custom bumpers to framework, and can create one-off steel items like fire pits, fire rings, and other customized items. Like generations of artisans before us, the welders at Clark’s, LLC know our metalwork and take pride in the effective and creative welding services we offer.

Excavation and Site Work Services in the Newport, ME Region

Throughout the year, our teams can be called to work on various construction projects all around the region. Clark’s, LLC team members are experienced excavators, and can do excavation work with ease. Call us anytime for excavation and site work services, or for truck delivery of sand, gravel, or more to your site.

Truck Repair, Heavy Equipment, and Auto Repair Garage

When you are on the road and need something repaired in a hurry, give Clark’s, LLC a call! We are near Exit 161 of Interstate 95, so we are close and convenient. Keep Clark’s, LLC number in your phone for when the inevitable vehicle repair happens—and they do! We take pride in providing quality repairs for cars, trucks, tractor-trailers, and heavy-duty equipment. We are a big shop with the equipment and skill to handle it all.

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